Our unique hair-addition system, ShrinkLINKS®, lets you create spectacular styles much faster than other systems thanks to the trade-secret manufacturing process of this system. There’s no hot glue, no prep, and no contact with messy adhesives. Removing hair is just as easy, without a mess or harsh chemicals. Most impressive, our extensions can often be reused repeatedly, and always look as fresh as the first time. They come in permanently fused shed-proof, individually color-matched pieces, all ready to apply, reducing application time significantly.

ShrinkLINKS Hair Extensions are applied using a small, transparent tube made of a unique polymer.
The ShrinkLINK is threaded onto your natural hair using a special applicator hook and the pre-bonded hair extension is then placed inside the tube along with your natural hair.  Next gentle heat is applied to
the ShrinkLINKS so the heat can release a polymer sealant to complete the attachment.  The shrinkLINKS themselves are lined with a light coating of Keratin, creating a water- tight seal with no slipping.





shrink links.jpg




We also use only the finest quality 100% human hair, which is available in a full range of colors and texture variations. 

I addition to the shrinkLINKS method, we also use traditional adhesive techniques to enable fine hair types to enable application of smaller sections of hair.